380 Super Sport Crossover

American fast motor boat for sale Formula-380 SSC

The Trend Maker: Fast Motor Boat
380 SSC - Super Sport Crossover

Filling out the Crossover line, here comes the luxurious & fast motor boat Formula 380 Super Sport Crossover, a new player in the arena that will surpass all others. This 11,6 m (38 ft) in length, 3,5 m (11.5 ft) beam contender slots in nicely between the 330/350 Crossover Bowriders and the established 400/430 SSC and ASC models. The 380 SSC incorporates FAS3Tech multi-step technology and a molded structural grid to deliver the sure-footed performance that is a Formula hallmark.

380 SSC, Lifting expectations!

No other 38-foot full-cabin bowrider can boast a full-width cockpit experience with true overnight capabilities for four. The Formula Crossover fleet continues to push class expectations as it challenges others to defy compromise. Everything you want in performance and adventure awaits you in the luxurious and fast motor boat Formula 380 Super Sport Crossover!